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Site Map

This page will help you find your way around our website. Clicking on the logo at the top left will bring you back to this page from anywhere on our site. The menu above is self-explanatory. Visit our home page, learn about us and our goals, see what employment opportunities we have available, submit your technical support questions, contact us and meet our team, ask us to quote our products and services, or check out our internet special.

On the left hand side of this page, you'll find links to our products and services. First, there's a page for circular saw blades, including carbide tipped, high speed steel, segmental, solid carbide, and friction saws. Next, there's a link to band saw blades for every application. The next link will reveal a host of other cutting tools, such as machine knives, router bits, end mills, multi-piece custom tooling, abrasives, and sawmill supplies. Next, find our page on sharpening services. We can repair just about any tool that can get dull.

Moving on from cutting tools, we have steel strapping and plastic strapping alternatives. To complement the banding choices, we carry a full line of tools and seals for strapping, as well as other packaging supplies, such as stretch film, baling wire, edge protectors, and more.

To round out the site map, we are present in the various social media outlets, including facebook and twitter. We regularly post saw blade- and strapping-related videos to our youtube page. If all else fails, you can always just type something in the search box below. Thanks!