Industrial Carbide Saw & Tool Corp. has earned a reputation as "THE cutting consultants" when it comes to wood, plastic, ferrous, and non-ferrous cutting applications. For over 50 years, we have consistently provided the highest-quality tooling products and outstanding customer service, thereby improving our customers' productivity and saving them money. We engineer the tool, manufacture it using precision CNC equipment, and in many cases offer pick-up and delivery for sharpening and repair work. Every tool we manufacture or repair includes our quality guarantee, as customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Commitment to quality and dedication to service have served as the foundations of Industrial Carbide since 1970. That's when Charlie Crush, a Vermont American employee working in its American Saw Division, had a vision of serving industrial saw blade users with superior saw blades and relationship-driven, teamwork-style customer service. He left the security of his job because of his passion for quality and service, and his efforts were not fruitless. In fact, two I.C.S.T. ideas are now industry standards.

In 1972, we convinced then Kaiser Aluminum® in Ravenswood, West Virginia, to run solid brazed carbide tipped saw blades instead of high-speed steel saw blades to cut their aluminum ingots. They were the first to realize the maximized efficiency and tremendous savings. Then in 1978, with then EastAlco® in Frederick, Maryland, we engineered a saw blade that was noticeably quieter when cutting aluminum billets. This design, the 66-series, is now used worldwide to quiet extrusion sawing operations as well.

Today, we are called upon to bring cutting operations to peak efficiency. Blade life, cut quality, and production rates are increased, while waste and noise-levels are reduced. Loyal customers, who know our business relationship is mutually beneficial, are the customers we seek. As such, referrals are a large percentage of our customer base. We have worked for companies such as Ford Motor Company®, General Motors Corp.®, Saturn Corp.®, Dana Corp.®, Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA)®, Reynolds Aluminum®, Kaiser Aluminum®, Century Aluminum®, Penn Aluminum®, Boeing®, Pechiney Rolled Products®, Weyerhaeuser®, Forest Products®, and Eaton Corporation® to name a few. We can provide referral letters upon request.

Industrial Carbide, with third generation family-owned and -operated cutting tool expertise, has outfitted thousands of customers, large and small, with longer-lasting, straighter-cutting tools and unparalleled customer service. Though we specialize in circular and band saw blades, we can manufacture or sharpen and repair just about any cutting tool that gets dull. In addition, we have diversified and are one of the region's largest distributors of steel banding, so try our line of packaging supplies. Our prices are reasonable, and if we don't deliver using our fleet of trucks, we have great freight rates nationwide! Let us be your one-stop supplier, the single source for all things industrial that your business needs. We deliver great customer service and a commitment to quality - all while staying within your company's budget.

Use the menu above to find what you need. If you can't find it, give us a call or request a quote. Our sales engineers are available to help you in your cutting applications and solve your strapping / packaging problems. We are here to make your job easier, more efficient, and less costly. Don't forget to check out the internet special! Thanks for visiting our website. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your company.


  • To continue providing the highest levels of service in the industry, such as 24 hour emergency service and standard weekly service.
  • To continue providing consulting services to help our customers determine the correct tool for their cutting application, thereby helping them save time and money.
  • To expand the primary markets we serve around our home office of Louisville, KY. We currently provide pick-up and delivery services in parts of Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia, and we are looking to expand into northern Indiana, southern Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, central Illinois, and central Ohio. See our employment opportunities if you might be interested in helping us meet our goals.
  • To grow our business outside the above pick-up and delivery areas. Minimal freight expenses are easily overcome by quality and fast lead times. We have great freight rates on skid lots of steel banding / strapping, stretchfilm, and edge protectors and lead times for most of our products and services are regularly a week or less. Next Day Air service allows our full product line and repair services to quickly reach the entire country.
  • To continuously improve our understanding of the existing - and emerging - needs of our customers through close relationships and technological innovations.
  • To value and encourage teamwork and open communication within our organization.
  • To always focus on the customers' needs, trying our best to meet them, because we know that success lies in providing our customers with quality products and outstanding service at fair prices.
  • To remember that competition is a good thing, the fuel that drives us to be better. We welcome the challenge, and we ask that you give us an opportunity to quote our products and services if you are using our competition.