The following material represented the outline for a class taught back in Fall 2004.

This is the website for the course entitled:  "It's My Will...Or Is It God's?"

This 5-week course, taught by Chip Crush, will challenge you to worship God with all your mind as you consider the doctrines of Soteriology and God's Sovereignty in light of Calvinist and Arminian perspectives.

Chip is very passionate about these critical doctrinal issues and has worked hard to be prepared to answers questions regarding things like Calvinism, Arminianism, Predestination, Election, Foreknowledge, etc.  If you have questions (or even disagreements) at any point during this course, feel free to contact Chip here.

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Online Lessons:

Week 1: Defining the Will  ( Homework )

Week 2: The History of the Debate  ( Homework )

Five Points of Calvinism / Five Articles of Arminian Remonstrance

Week 3: The First Three Issues (Part 1)
Week 3: The First Three Issues (Part 2)
  (Homework )

Week 4: The Last Two Issues  ( Homework )

Week 5: How Does This Affect Me?  ( Homework )

10 Week Course Outline  ( 30-page printable PDF file )