What are Biblical Glasses?

Biblical Glasses represent a worldview for all people and all time.  Biblical Glasses contradict today's popular secular worldview known as post-modernism, humanism, or moral relativism.

The title for this book was inspired by Ken Ham, the President of Answers in Genesis Answers in Genesis is a ministry that strives to uphold the truth of the Bible from the very first verse: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”  To hear Ken's short message (1:09) on Biblical Glasses, click the play button below.

(The following article appeared in the St. Louis Metrovoice, June 2003, Vol. 13, No. 6, Online Edition.)

“The Creation Museum - A Time Machine!”
By Ken Ham, President, Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis (AiG) is in the process of constructing a large creation museum in Northern Kentucky, two exits west of the major Cincinnati Airport. This 50,000 sq. ft. facility will offer its visitors a Biblical walk through history starting from Genesis, Chapter 1.

As excitement builds for the opening of the creation museum, and as steel beams are being erected for this national center, I wanted to give you a glimpse of what will be in store for visitors when it finally opens. The following is a sneak preview - a part of the museum’s storyline. This outline is being used by our exhibit designers, who are working feverishly to design startling exhibits to present vital, Bible-upholding teachings. We trust this sneak preview of what's in store for visitors will encourage you to pray for and support this important evangelistic project.

Some questions this family-friendly museum will tackle when it opens in about two years are:

  • Where did we come from?
  • How did the universe come into existence?
  • Does God exist?

But, there’s a problem to overcome! You see, we are human beings who exist in the present, so how do we really know what happened in the past? For instance:

  • What remarkable events occurred to form the Earth?
  • Why did plants and animals come into existence?
  • Where did the sun, moon and stars come from?
  • Who were the first humans?
And what about:
  • Why are there fossils?
  • What formed the Grand Canyon?
  • Why is the world full of death, disease and suffering?
  • What makes some people so evil, and who decides what is right and wrong?
  • Can anyone solve the mystery of the dinosaurs?
  • What formed the different ‘races’ of people?

The Creation Museum will present the true history of the universe. You’ll discover real answers to these and many other questions; you’ll see mysteries solved before your very eyes.

How these questions are answered depends on how we see things. Did you know that everyone really wears glasses? You see, whether we are talking about dinosaurs, fossils, animals, or stars, the facts are all the same. However, how we understand or interpret these facts depends upon what type of glasses we have been taught to wear. There are only two types of glasses: secular glasses or biblical glasses.

Secular Glasses

Secular glasses represent the beliefs that fallible humans use to try to explain how and why the universe exists. These beliefs cause us to see these facts in a particular way, to view them through the following account of supposed history:

  • EVOLUTION — the universe began without any supernatural intervention — life evolved on Earth by random processes
  • EVIL — death, disease, violence and suffering have existed throughout time
  • EARTH — the Earth has been molded by billions of years of processes — including laying down of the fossil layers
  • EVERYONE — all people and languages evolved from some ape-like ancestor
  • ETHICS — religion, and ideas of right and wrong, evolved
  • ESCAPE — death ends man’s existence
  • END — the Sun will run out — life will cease — the universe may ‘die.’
The above is the story presented in almost all secular science museums.

Biblical Glasses

Biblical glasses are represented by a unique book, called the Bible, claiming over 3,000 times that it is the Word of God — written by an Infinite Being. God used different people to write down what we need to know to have the answers to understand the entire history and future of the universe. These “glasses” cause people to view the universe through this account of history:

  • CREATION — God created everything perfectly at the beginning
  • CORRUPTION — the first man rebelled against God (called sin) and corruption (death and disease) entered the universe
  • CATASTROPHE — God judged the Earth with a cataclysmic global Flood
  • CONFUSION — God gave different languages to people causing people groups to form and spread over the Earth
  • CHRIST — God, in the person of His Son, stepped into human history to become a man — the God-man
  • CROSS — Christ died on a cross to save people from their sin, and was raised from the dead
  • CONSUMMATION — one day the universe will be remade to be perfect again.
Visitors to the future Creation Museum will discover that the Bible’s history is the best explanation for the facts. In addition, non-Christians will be challenged with a powerful Gospel presentation.